About TrendStatic

Who we are?

Trendstatic Corporation is a highly competitive Business Solutions company that loves facing challenges to achieve our partner’s goals and objectives.
Our team is composed of passionate CPAs, IT professionals and successful entrepreneurs with the advocacy to help companies, especially SMEs and even start ups, gain its rightful place in today’s Business World. We devote our time, talents and expertise to provide answers to your business problems. From corporate services like business registration and company models to kick start a potential business, to accounting outsourcing and financial supervision.

While many see the Philippine Economic Climate as toxic and an empty well for businesses. We diverge and see a rich mine of opportunities, instead. As a Philippine based company, we understand the things that discourage entrepreneurs to start a business. We recognize the circumstances that are holding back stagnant companies to shoot upward. And these are the challenges we enjoy to endure for our partners. We love to offer complete business solutions to our partners – it’s our life.

Trendstatic’s love for continuous improvement is insatiable. From the Japanese management philosophy of “Kaizen

Trendstatic wishes to serve you

During the early 15th century, the latin word familia was first used to refer the servants of a household. Familia came from another latin word famulus or servant. Even though it rarely appears in the sense of “parents with their children”, it was later on referred to a collective body of persons who lives in a single household under one government.

TrendStatic Corporation breathes by the Philosophy of Family, which in its very essence is to serve or serving. Our company offers a unique way of serving our partners. We establish relationships. How? A deal closed is never closed for us. We are ready and waiting to continue to guide, assist and support our partners every time they need help. This time – it’s personal.

Our Vision

We aim to make a healthy community of companies by working with 1000 Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises by the end of the year 2025; by helping and guiding them to solve their business problems and easing their day-to-day work pains.

Our Team

Meet the Trendstatic Business Solutions family. We are CPAs, IT professionals and successful entrepreneurs trained by time and experience, to provide you service on an outstanding level.
You can find us at: Suite 910 West Tower PSE Tektite building Ortigas, Pasig City





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