HR Training and Development: HR 101


Venue: 1620 City & Land Mega Plaza, ADB Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City
2020 Schedules: May 8 | June 5 | Jul 10 | Aug 7 | Sep 4 | Oct 2 | Nov 6


I. Overview:

HR 101, Human Capital Management, is the co-management and distribution of limited company resources in relations to its human resources, to accomplish organizational goals and/or initiatives.
HR Training and Development – HR 101 aims to educate its participants with the theoretical and practical aspects of how Human Resource should be done in the Philippines.
Fully understanding that HR Management or Talent Management isn’t just hiring, training, then supervising, but it starts right from sourcing, acquisition, development, and retention of a valuable employee.



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II. Objectives:

By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. To have an understanding of the primary duties and responsibilities of an HR Practitioner.
  2. To fully grasp the essential concepts, related laws, techniques and tools of the Human Resource Manager.
  3. To familiarize each aspects of Human Resource Management from sourcing, acquisition, training, development, and retention.
  4. To take advantage of all the learnings to help them in their respective work place (PRACTICAL and ACTUAL).
  5. To appreciate HR Training and Development in a relative and engaging way.


III. Who is this for?

• Team Leaders
• Supervisors
• Managers
• Directors
• Entrepreneurs
• And anyone who wants to learn the Training and Development role in an organization.


IV. Course Outline:

1. Workforce Planning
1.1 Job Analysis  and Classifications
       a. Core  and Non-core
       b. Individual Contributor, Specialist,  Management and Executives 
       c. Five Functional  Areas of the Organization 
       d. Deliverables, Operational and Supports
       e. Challenges
1.2 HR Score Cards in relations to BSC
       a. Attrition  Rate
       b. Absenteeism, Tardiness and average weekly working hours
       c. Velocity of Placement
       d. Support staff versus Operations staff
       e. Cost of Replacement
       f. HR Transactions Fulfillment Rate
2. Acquisition
2.1 Sources of Applicants
       a. Traditional
       b. Non-Traditional
2.2 Employee Branding/Marketing
       a. Benefits & Compensation
       b. Culture
       c. Employee Testimonials
       d. On-line reputation
2.3 Selection Tools
       a. Online Testing – Logical Reasoning and Critical Analytical Thinking
       b. Profile – Job and Applicant
       c. Behavioral Analysis Interview
       d. Technical Panel Interview
2.4 Background Investigations “Gate Keeping”
       a. Government Clearances
       b. Authenticated/Notarized Employment Certificate
       c. Social media e.g. FB, Linked-in, Pinterest ,Google +
2.5 Orientation Programs
       a. Duties and Responsibilities
       b. Table of Organization –Positional
       c. Handbook
       d. Welcome Kit
       e. Essential Employee Process
       f. Statutory Benefits
3. Retention
3.1 Employee welfare
       a. Company Handbook
       b. Due Process
       c. Diminution of Benefits
       d. Benefits, Incentives and Reward
       e. Career Track
       f. Wellness – Health and Sports
4. Development
4.1 Training need assessment – Individual Development Plans
4.2 Coaching for Technical Skills
4.3 Mentoring for Soft and Leadership skills
4.4 On-line Training , Trade Organization and In-house Training
5. Separations
5.1 Personal Records
       a. Data Protection Act
       b. Permission from personnel
       c. Sketch of residential address
       d. Contact details : Permanent Address


HR Training and Development – WHO IS THIS FOR?
Perspective of HR after attending the training

Training Consultation by TrendStatic Business Solutions

Pricing and Training Options:

Consultation/Executive Training

consultation executive training

Additional Training Value: ***Focus on Management Control matters, *Consulting with Action Plans (customize for your business needs)

Regular Training Rate: Php 25,000.00 (inclusive of VAT)
Who is this for: Business owners, Executives, and Managers
No. of Participants: Maximum of 2. (Additional participant: Php 8,000.00)
No. of Day(s): 1

Public Training

public training

Additional Training Value: Action Plan (General), General Consultation, Q & A and Intensive Hands-On Exercises

Early Bird Rate: Php 3,875.00 (inclusive of VAT)
Regular Training Rate: Php 4,100.00 (inclusive of VAT)
Who is this for: Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Accounting Professionals and Students, Other Professionals, and anyone who wants to learn accounting
No. of Day(s): 1

In-House Training

in-house training

Additional Training Value: Specific Consulting, Consulting with Action Plans (customize for your business needs), Q & A

Regular Training Rate: Rate depends on the no. of participants (inquire for quote)
Who is this for: Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises
No. of Day(s): 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

Option 1: Consultation/Executive Training

High-Intensity Training for People who wants to learn the practical uses of Accounting in Business. This training is customizable; you can pick and choose the topics to be discussed. We can also use your company’s books of accounts for the examples.

Your schedule, your interest, your way.
Option 2: Public Training

There is a training schedule for the entire year, you will choose from all the dates that is most convenient to you, and enjoy the training with other people of same interest. Engage in intellectual conversations with Businessmen, Accountants, and other Professionals.
Option 3: In-House/Corporate Training

What if I can’t choose a convenient date for my company to join the public training? Tell us your schedule, desired topics, venue and we will bring the training to you!

Option 1: Consultation/Executive Training

2 Participants: Php 30,000.00

Additional Participant: 8,000.00
Option 2: Public Training

Early Bird Rate: Php 3,875.00

Regular Rate: 4,100.00
Option 3: In-House/Corporate Training

It varies. Send us your requirements then we’ll provide you a proper quotation.

* Prices provided are all Inclusive of VAT

You are officially registered to a training after you complete a 2-step process. You’ll have to fill out a registration form and then settle the training fee.
You can pay through bank transfer or at our office.
• Full-Day Access to the Training Program
• Printed Copy of the Presentation
• Worksheet
• Lunch
• Merienda
• Certificate of Completion
Yes, but it will be given only to those participants who will accomplish the entire training program.
Yes. We understand that we can’t expect everyone to master accounting in one training. We’ll continue having conversations with you so we can help you every step of the way.
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