Accounting Services (Bookkeeping, Tax, FS Analysis, Business Process Review)

Free yourself from the pains and countless hours of complying with your Accounting and Bookkeeping requirements.

TrendStatic can smoothly handle your company’s General Accounting & Bookkeeping. With the help of the latest technologies in the Industry today, we can only offer you a world class service. We can generate reports and support your business right when and where you need it. But most importantly, you free yourself from the pains and countless hours of complying with your Accounting and Bookkeeping requirements.

TrendStatic Business Solutions is more than willing to help you with your Accounting and Bookkeeping Requirements so you can concentrate on your other business activities.

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payroll software and outsource services

Payxoft is a payroll solution software developed by our highly experienced and competitive IT professionals to take over the recurring pressure of payroll processing. This Software Solution is designed to cater different company policies, and is in conformance with SSS, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG, and the Labor Code of the Philippines.

This Software Solution comes with a user friendly interface, transactions are easy to perform, and customized with readiness in different time keeping or input devices.

Equipped with user editable tables for all possible changes in government and tailored tables with import options for bulk data saving.This software solution was developed with inputs of CPAs for proper and legal processing of any amount provided in the system that caters all aspect from the processing of payroll to generation of reports.


Finance Supervision

Tested and trained by our experience, Trendstatic Business solutions can guide you in your company’s finances. Where your business is a start up or even established, it requires careful monitoring and strategizing on how money is being transferred in and out of your business.

Our services are on-point and highly efficient. With the help of our advanced accounting systems, we will see to it that your finances will never go on tilt.

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Business Process Review

There is always room for reevaluating, restructuring, reinventing and rebuilding your business. As much as humanly possible, you should prevent being stuck in a box. That is where businesses usually start to fall down.
Here at Trendstatic, Efficiency is a culture we embrace and we believe that it is never ending. In order for us to help you, we will evaluate and understand your processes where it currently stands and enhance it from that point. Every business is a different case, but we focus on the quality of how resources, employees, your chain of command, customers and technology engine your company.

Once we have a clear grasp of your business processes we will look for inefficiencies in your processes. Common inefficiencies are error and redundancy. From there, we can derive alternative courses of action and document the result and repeat the process from there. We truly care for our partners. As long as you need us, we will never stop helping.

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Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis is very important to outsource. You might think that you got your business all covered up because your Sales is a lot higher than your Cost of Sales. That is not absolutely true all the time. When you define the success of your business by the amount of profit you get annually, you got it all wrong. Where there a lot of room for errors within your business operations and there a lot of hidden costs around there that you might over-look. If you handle a single business distributed to different locations a Profit in your Financial Statements doesn’t mean you gain profit in all of your distribution channels.

Trendstatic Business Solutions will intricately evaluate your financial health and we will pin-point your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Through our advanced accounting systems, you can clearly see where your business is doing well and where you are lacking so we can formulate wise decisions to truly bring your business to success.

Tax Compliance

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is now requiring strict compliance with Tax Rules and Regulations, specifically Corporate Income Tax. With these pressures, it involves a lot of risk. If you can’t submit your Income Tax Return on time, you are a few notices from the termination of your business, If not handled properly. Not to mention the negative publicity it can generate to your business. It can affect your client’s perception of you. Tax compliance is really complicated and it can directly and indirectly affect your company.

TrendStatic can administer your tax compliance activities with the latest practice in the industry, so you can attend to your other business matters. We can prepare and submit your Income Tax Return, properly and on the dot.


Business Softwares

TrendStatic helps client achieve their goal through the use of information systems such as accounting softwares, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, and electronic systems implementations.

Accounting Software and ERP Systems

In a tight and competition-driven industry, techology will be a major determinant of whose leading and whose not.

TrendStatic helps client assess their need for adopting technology related initiatives through the use of accounting softwares or ERP Systems combined with years of experience in the Accounting Profession and Information Systems industry. TrendStatic supports client’s business goals by offering software-based solutions that meets business needs to achieve high performance and effectiveness.

Our portfolio are world class and leading softwares in the information system industry and spans multiple business process and industry.

Electronic Systems

The trend of business processes shifts from manual to automated systems. Maintain competitive edge with the use of automated systems

TrendStatic helps client adapt to the trend that the industry is switching into — technology. With the industry moving out of manual processes towards automated processes, other businesses are also going with the trend and uses automated processes to remain competitive. TrendStatic offers competitive and reliable softwares for your business processes.

Our portfolios of electronic systems are at par with the leading softwares in the electronic systems industry.

System Implementation

TrendStatic has years of experience in the information system industry. Our experience combined with our arsenal of business and electronic softwares, we provide our client with best service the industry has to offer, reduced implementation time and risk.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is another ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system for medium sized companies. NAV is tailor-maid to businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industry; managing the flow of your inventory inside and out with ease.

Since it is developed by Microsoft, it is compatible with all Microsoft applications and files. It has a user friendly interface. Mastering Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be just a matter of days!

QuickBooks is an accounting solution software developed by Intuit; to supervise sales, expenses, run different activities and create multiple reports with just a few clicks of a button.

QuickBooks eliminates the use of annoying tables and spreadsheets fundamental to the accounting process of any business whether micro, small, medium or giant corporations. With QuickBooks, running a business will be less stressful and manageable than ever.

SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system. It is a business software that can be integrated to organize, control and orchestrate the different departments of your company no matter what industry you’re on.

Your organization’s Marketing, Human Resource, Sales, Distribution, Finance, Warehousing, Production, Security, Research and development and other departments will run smoothly.

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