Our Training courses plan to polish the skills you already obtained and sharpen those you wish to attain.

TrendStatic Corporation’s advocacy is to help companies of all sorts, especially small and medium enterprises (SME) gain its rightful place in the business world; through innovation and technology and bringing out your company’s strength.

TrendStatic establishes this through Trainings and Seminars, from technical skills, soft skills and customized trainings, to unleash your potential. A key strength of our facilitators is having different field of experiences and expertise. It is unimaginable not to learn even a thing or two after the training course.

Our Training courses will polish the skills you already have and sharpen those you wish to attain.


Training Schedules (August – September 2017)


These are the Trainings we offer:

o Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants: Accounting 101
o Bookkeeping Basics: Essential Training for Non-Accountants
o Basics of Primary Taxes
o Business Analysis
o Business Process Review and Analysis
o Corporate Income Tax
o Essentials of Taxation
o Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Executives
o Finance for Non-Finance Managers
o Fringe Benefit Tax and Withholding Tax on Compensation
o FS Analysis and Review
o How to Handle BIR Audit and Common Business Tax Issues
o How to Prepare Mandatory BIR Reports and Tax Updates
o Payroll Management and Corporate Compliance
o Tax Compliance Review
o Communication Skills
o Powerful Presentation Skills
o Coaching and Mentoring
o Winning Positive Attitude
o Customer Service
o Personality Development
o Supervisory and Leadership
o How to Keep Good Employees
o Project Management
o Time Management
o Stress Management

Customized Training

In addition to our programs, Trendstatic Business Solutions can also create a Unique Training Curriculum just for you. Tailor-made to amplify your strengths and mitigate your company’s weaknesses.

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